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Agribusiness and Aquaculture

Beef cattle production dominates the NT’s agricultural sector, with around 220 pastoral leases covering 602,000 square kilometres of prime grazing land.

About 60% of Australia’s mangoes due for exports are grown in the NT. The NT horticultural sector has almost doubled in 10 years, producing annual harvests of melons and vegetables as well as mangoes.

Farming is not limited to the land in the NT. The Paspaley Group boasts a 75 year pioneering heritage in the pearling industry and is internationally renowned as a producer of fine quality pearls. It is also a world leader in the research and development of the fragile pinctada maxima oyster, as well as in sustainable aquaculture practices.

Crocodile farming is an important part of the NT agribusiness sector, valued at AUD $54.33 million in 2014–15. Expertise in the science and management of crocodiles, whether for production or in visitor safety management, is one of the key strengths of the Northern Territory.

Agribusiness and Aquaculture Fact Sheet

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