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Renewable Energies

Alice Springs is one of Australia’s officially-designated Solar Cities, having participated in the Australian Government Solar Cities program. Significant investment in solar projects in Alice Springs has continued since the initial programme launch in 2008, with a number of iconic large scale solar projects being established across residential and commercial sectors. One of these developments is the Uterne facility, the southern hemisphere’s largest tracking solar power system.

Desert Knowledge Australia’s Solar Centre, located in Alice Springs, is a training and demonstration facility for commercialised solar technologies operating in arid conditions. Home to the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy, a research and testing facility for next generation energy grids in Central Australia. A visit to the Centre or a presentation by a local expert can make a fascinating inclusion to a conference held in Alice Springs.

For conferences in Darwin, delegates need go no further than Darwin International Airport to witness the Northern Territory’s commitment to solar.The airport was awarded the Asia-Pacific Green Airports Platinum Award in 2017 for its 15,000 panel, six hectare solar farm which produces up to 25% of the airport’s overall energy needs.

And, in the waste management sector, Darwin’s Shoal Bay Renewable Energy Facility was the first ‘waste to energy’ facility established in a tropical region. It produces electricity from methane gas harvested from landfill with the capacity to power 1800 Darwin homes.

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